Earth Day – Some Inspiring Books

Happy Earth Day!  I was thinking about talking about books on conservation and global warming but changed my mind.  Instead I grabbed some books from my bookshelf that have gorgeous pictures of fish, animals, and nature which have inspired me for many years. Most of them are regional where I live in California, but every place in America and all over the world has it’s own particular wonders in native plants and animals. 

I truly believe that before change can happen, people must once again learn to love this wondrous world we live in. Not look at it as an enemy to be conquered, a tiresome inconvenience, or a bothersome chore. 

The book at the top is the called Yosemite: The Promise of Wilderness.  It is written by Tim Palmer, with photographs by William Neil who’s use of light and color are astonishing.  

Tim Palmer has also written Trees and Forests of America and several other works.  The pictures are just so beautiful.

Another one of my faves is California Marine Life which is written in cooperation with the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  I purchased this years ago in the gift shop while on one of my many visits with the kids.  I believe they still sell it as well as many other books on fish, mammals, conservation, and life in the bay.  In Botany this semester I learned a lot about protists (algae and kelp) and it’s importance in the food chain.

If you are done looking at pictures and want to read something inspiring on nature, my husband and I both enjoy When the Trees Say Nothing by Thomas Merton. He was a Trappist monk who’s spirituality was rooted in nature.  These are some of his essays and meditations on the sacredness of our planet.

I hope you enjoy your Earth Day. If possible, take a nature walk to be inspired by the beauties of the world around us. Or visit a bookseller to browse and enjoy!


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  1. Thank you for these recommendations, Jaimie! These are certainly wonderful and meaningful reads.

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