Various Attempted Craft Projects


Throughout the years I have tried many types of crafts, with varying degrees of success.  I love finding online tutorials and giving them a go. There are so many talented people out there!

I found tutorials for pin-cushions-in-cups everywhere online and they were so cute, decided to give it a whirl. The trick is knowing when to stop decorating them! But at least I found a home for the rosettes that I also learned from an online tutorial.

They are so easy to make too. You just need some fabric, a pretty cup, hot glue, and stuffing.  These cups I found years ago and they are really heavy so they are very practical . One sits beside my current cross stitch project and the other looks pretty on the other table.

I call these Love Bunnies. I got the rough pattern from a magazine one Easter and made a couple dozen of them in different colors. I added the heart for the “love” part. They are made of felt with an embroidered face and ears. They are hand sewn with the blanket stitch.

 These I made from Heather Bailey’s tutorial called Paper Globes. I love her use of color.  Please visit her sometime and get inspired!

I do a little bit of quilting when the spirit moves me. Here is my most recent (almost completed) project.  I got the pattern off of the HGTV quilting website. I spent a whole summer with it and had such fun!

Another one I did was this sampler quilt. Quilt blocks are traditionally named after people, places, biblical images, political themes, and every day items. This one is very personal to me.

It’s hard to see but in the center is my first attempt at cross stitch on linen. I knew it was too big for me to finish so I cut it out and sewed it in like a block and embroidered around it with crazy quilt stitches. I guess cross stitch will always be a part of my crafting life.


8 Responses

  1. Oh my! They’re all so lovely! I wish I’ve half of your crafting skills, Jaimie!

  2. Some of my characters are quilters, and I think about them what I think about the people who created these crafts: there are some patient people out there!

  3. Shelley – It does take some patience. I need more because I have a lot of half finished projects!

  4. Wow, what fantastic projects, they are all so lovely. I especially love those bunnies.

  5. They’re all so lovely and my favorite is the love bunnies. I have a thing for bunnies and hearts stitched on little stuff toys. You are very talented and creative, Jaimie!

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