A Relaxing Week

I haven’t gone out much this week except for errands and I have to say, it has been very nice. Like a mini-vacation. I have been reading, doing a couple of crafts, baking, and catching up on gardening. The weather is still pretty cool and it is so nice to open the front door to my newly planted patio pots and listen to the fountain and hummingbirds buzz about.

Yesterday I got my Persephone Catalog and had a wonderful time going through it and mentally creating a wish list.  They have a short synopsis of each book as well as the authors. The catalog is beautifully done and definitely a keeper. Along with it I also received The Persephone Biannally which has very interesting articles and a short story. I am looking forward to reading that today.

I did a small cross stitch project this week. Sometimes it’s tough with the big ones, they take so long. I need a quick finish every once in a while so I did this little bee hive. It took one day to stitch, then the next morning I did the pillow part. Nice and fast! I’m trying to get the laundry and other chores done today so the weekend is free. Hope everyone has a great one!


4 Responses

  1. I still haven’t read a Persephone book yet, but I look forward to reading Marianne as I bought it last month.
    Their catalog is lovely, and I agree it’s definitely a keeper!

    The pillow looks great! I wish I’ve some time for cross stitching but these days I’m using all my spare time for my TBR piles! 😛

  2. Like the heart and hive!

  3. I have started reading my first book in many, many months. I really miss reading.

    Love the pillow you stitched.

  4. A beehive with a heart! Very nice!

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