A Day at the Coast

Now that we have finished unpacking, registering the car, getting our licenses, etc., we decided to do some exploring. Yesterday we took a drive out to the Florence on the coast. What a beautiful drive! Tree covered mountains, valleys with cute little farmhouses, and orchards.  There was one place we need to stop at the next time we go through. It was a stand selling produce and honey from their own little farm.

So we drove by a large river for miles and miles. We were spellbound at seeing water this time of year;  you don’t see too much of that in California.  We got to Florence and turned out at a sign that said beach but was actually an inlet. It was very beautiful and we climbed around for a while.

There were some very interesting rock formations in the big piles near the water.

Then we walked along the inlet beach where I took this photo of Jim and made our way to the real beach. Wow, they are vast! We walked on sand with driftwood everywhere hearing the sound of ocean but not seeing it. Finally we went over a hill and saw this.

The beach went on forever to get to the water!  And the tide mark was very far up. I am wondering if the tides here are a bit different.  They certainly seem to cover a lot more ground. That will be my next research project. We had a wonderful day!


6 Responses

  1. So pretty! Oregon is such a beautiful state. I’ve only ever really driven through it, though, I’m afraid. One of these days perhaps I can explore it more. My husband has family who lives there, although I’m not sure for how much longer. 😦

  2. Sorry to hear that Wendy! It really is a beautiful place and we are glad to be here. I hope you can explore it more someday!

  3. I have a friend staying in Oregon too and she’s a veteran now with the US Army. I hope to visit there one day. I’m making a trip to the US in Dec this year, but to CA, MS, and AL. I love your pics. Everything is so pretty.

  4. That’s great Alice! That is an interesting mix of states to visit! I know I will here all about it on fb and I can’t wait for your pictures!

  5. I’m glad to hear you all have settled down nicely, Jaimie! The place looks beautiful!

  6. Thanks Melody! It feels great to finally be here. Moving is no fun!

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