Things That Didn’t Survive the Move

I had high hopes. I admit it. Actually it never occurred to me that anything would go wrong with our stuff. It was right there with us, right? Of course we are not professional packers. We found that out. Oh yes, we found that out. We have taken stock and categorized our findings.

In Memoriam:

Piano, sewing machine, kitchen table, every single bookcase, patio furniture, Bailey’s Irish Creme (seriously, what the what?) various clothes and linens (MIA), terra-cotta pots, HP printer,  Geoff’s bed, a picture, kayak, bbq grill, treadmill, our sanity

Damaged but not Destroyed:

Dresser, bed frame, dining room table, several chipped plates, glass shattered in end table, shade for standing lamp,

Shocking Tales of Survival:

Large glass curio cabinet, antique secretary, flat screen TV, poorly packed china, Jim’s guitars

I’m going to miss that piano.


3 Responses

  1. Oh noooo… sorry to hear about your piano. That’s a lot of stuff didn’t make it. 😦

  2. Most of our stuff was fine but I am heartbroken about the piano! 😦

  3. I am so sorry so many of your things were broken or damaged.

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