Gingerbread Cottage Finish

Gingerbread Cottage / Finished 1-1-11

This was my first project from Country Cottage Needleworks. I like the soft pastels and fun themes. There are lots of charts featuring cookies, chocolates, and other goodies. I found out that it needed a couple special order floss colors after getting the chart. But it was totally worth it.

I’m not sure if I will frame this or make it into a pillow. A pillow would be cute but I can’t bear thinking that the cat might turn it into her bed.  For now it will be put it away and I’ll think about it for next Christmas.

By the way this is an even rectangle; I just couldn’t get the angle on the camera right without casting a shadow.


6 Responses

  1. I think soft pastels are really pretty colors. This is beautiful!

  2. Thanks Alice! I had fun on this one!

  3. I’ve said this to you before but I’m going to say it again: It’s beautiful!!

  4. Thank you Melody!

  5. Lovely finish and a good start to the stitching year!

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