Baby Garden Update

Things are busy but I’m still trying to work a little on Baby Garden. The little bees in the corner are stitched over one thread of linen with one thread of floss. They are pretty small stitches! I wish I had a better camera to show the work. Like all charts from Just Nan, the colors and detail are beautiful.  

Hopefully it will be done in time for my grandson’s birth. I am also working on a secret stitcher exchange which is due next month. This is my third one with this group and it is always a blast!


11 Responses

  1. Nice progress on Baby Garden. I always find Just Nan charts hard going with all the colour changes. It’s looking really good.

  2. Hi Suzanne and thanks! I know, the color changes make for slow progress.

  3. This is so pretty! Happy stitching!

  4. I am thinking about starting Baby Garden. I have never attempted cross stitching on linen. Am I nuts? I have done many projects on Aida. This would be for my last grandbaby boy due in July.

    • Hi Jan! Linen seemed very daunting to me until I tried it. It doesn’t take long to get used to. Some linen is harder to stitch on than others. Michaels has some easy linen if you want to start.

      • What kind of frame are you using to hold the linen? I have a hoop but whatever you are using looks better. I got some 28 ct. linen from 123 stitch…It looks so tiny…Do you use a magnifying glass? I am committed now, I appreciate your help.

  5. Jan – the frame is called Qsnaps. Another stitcher friend led me to these and they are wonderful! I got them online at 1-2-3 stitch. I will never go back to hoops after using these!

  6. Also, I don’t use a magnifying glass. I thought I would have to but the quarter stitches ended up being pretty easy to work.

    • Hello again…I thought the trellis was tough to do…Do you jump to complete the flower buds or cut and draw thread under each bud? My eyes have finally adjusted to the size…But this is definitely a daytime project… Should I come back and do the little bugs later?? I think the Q-snaps might pull the single stands…Thanks, J

      • I do the buds last and if there is not too much distance, I draw the thread underneath several stitches on the way to the next one. Otherwise I do cut and start over. It is time consuming but worth it. I have been doing the bugs on the way and found that they are not that hard to do. Remember to use only one thread of floss.

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