Sunday Salon – Too Tired to Read?

Is that even possible? After one month at my new job I have found my greatest battle besides fighting physical exhaustion is to work up the desire to do the things I love. On the one hand, this is the best, most fulfilling job I have ever had. On the other, I spend most of my off hours sitting on the couch, staring at the tv, and having my feet rubbed by my most excellent husband. What a guy!

I’m finally getting used to the pace, really. I almost left on time the other day!

When I looked over the number of posts written in February as opposed to January, I was taken aback. Where has the time gone? And I read 11 books in January and only 2 in February! Finished books anyways.

I started reading The Seance by John Harwood and it is very good. In Victorian times there was a great interest in spiritualism and charlatans swindled vulnerable, grieving people out tons of money by pretending to contact their dead loved ones.  Harwood included some old instructions of how to make a fake ghost by dying  fine silk white and adding chemicals to make it soft.

To manifest a spirit, take twenty yards of fine silk veiling, at least two yards wide and very gauzy….In a darkened room the fabric will appear as a soft, luminous vapor. – Revelations of a Spirit Medium (1891)

It is woven into a mystery, ghost story, not quite a whodunnit but rather a wherearethey story. It’s quite clever and has been compared to The Woman in White.  Unfortunately I was using this as my bedside table book and often fell asleep after just a few pages. Finally I lost track and gave up. I’m going to wait a couple of weeks and start again.

I also received Guilt by Association by Marcia Clark, my latest review book for Librarything Early Reviewers. It was one of those books that took two months to get and since there are no reviews on it yet, I assume this was a problem for everyone slated to get it. I start it later this week.

I’m sure this is just a temporary thing and my reading will be up to snuff soon. I hope everyone has a great reading week!


10 Responses

  1. I’m so happy you’re enjoying your work despite it being hectic. I feel the same way about mine too. I’m actually in love with what I do. LOL. Your husband is very sweet too!

  2. Oh, I’m interested in your thoughts on Guilt by Association. Another perspective on that whole O. J. debacle.

    Sounds like your reading slump is about to improve….


  3. Lacking a desire to read: I can relate. This winter in Pennsylvania hasn’t been too kind and makes me just want to veg and watch TV when I have those “down” times. So you’re not the only one that gets in a “reading funk.” It happens to all of us, but I can tell you from experience, you will come out of it. You will find that one book that will pull you out…for me, it was Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. For you? Who knows? But I’m certain you will find it. Good luck in that quest.

    • You guys have had a terrible winter out there! I can understand wanting to just watch TV and wait for it to be over! I haven’t read Unbroken but thanks for the recommendation. I will look for it.

  4. Like you I have just completed my first month in a new job. I think the exhaustion is just with getting to grips with a new working setting.

  5. Alice – I know what you mean! And yes, I have a sweetie for a husband!

  6. For me it’s finding the time to read! Ever since our office relocated and that my journey time has shortened, it has somewhat affected my reading time so I try to read whenever there’s an opportunity (reading at home can be challenging when you have two active kids running about and are vying for your attention).

    The Seance sounds good! I’ve this book in my pile but haven’t got around to reading it yet. I hope to read it this year.

    • Hi Melody! Yes! My husband used to have an hour long train ride to work and read more than me! I’m going back to reread the entire book at a later time. It really is good and I hope you enjoy it!

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