Starting the Garden

This weekend we decided to start amending the soil for our garden. It is so much later than in California and yet still too early for many up here. But the veggies are at all the garden centers and the farmer’s market so we are pushing ahead. It was a beautiful day here yesterday and we used three types of soil amendment, ending with the steer manure as shown here.

Because we didn’t have access to a rototiller Jim just dug trenches where we will be planting. This year we will do tomatoes, peppers, sugar snap peas, bush beans, zucchini, squash, and cauliflower. I thought that cauliflower was a winter vegetable but we have been seeing the little plants everywhere so we are giving it a go.

We have an immense side yard which is hidden by bushes from the front. These pictures don’t show half of it. I didn’t even discover it until a week after we moved in! Here is a peek into our backyard where the yard ends and there is more room for planting. Actually we want a chicken coop over here which would easily fit but we will have to talk our landlords into letting us do it.

Next week we will put the plants in!


2 Responses

  1. It’s always fun preparing the garden beds ready for planting, especially spring planting. We planted a few shrubs and trees this weekend. It will give them just enough time to establish before winter comes, although our winters are not particularly harsh. I look forward to seeing a photo of your fully planted garden beds.

  2. HI Suzanne! It is fun, isn’t it? What kind of trees did you plant? Hope all is well with you!

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