Starting Apron Strings and WIP Village Green

I started on Apron Strings by Cross Eyed Cricket.  This pattern is darling but it just didn’t pop. The light fabric seemed to wash out some of the colors and I decided to go crazy and use a dark background instead. I had some dark green Aida fabric sitting around which seemed like a good match. The first two pictures were taken at night but the third one is in natural light. Big difference in color and anti-blur quality.

The lavender looks a bit lighter than in the original and in certain light it is difficult to see the difference between that and the white ruffle. Maybe it’s just my slowly dying camera. I rather like the contrast with the dark green. This is where I am starting this morning.

I like it. It seems more country and will look nice on my kitchen wall. I am also working on Village Green by Prairie Schooler which is finally starting to approach the finish line. This is what I stitched last week.

Actually the front wall of the church with the windows was done and the quilts outlined but I stitched everything else. Here is a kind of picture of the whole piece. I didn’t want to take out the q-snaps because they were in just so. Or I’m just lazy.

Both projects are being stitched on Aida which makes them a bit easier. It was nice to be able to step away from Baby Garden and Queen of the Needle for a while.


4 Responses

  1. Ooh, they’re beautiful!!!

  2. Thanks Melody! I hope things are great with you!

  3. Love this design! Nice work on your stitching and great fabric colour choice.

  4. Great work! I hope all is well with you. 🙂

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