A Question For My Fellow Stitchers

I need more stick-to-it-tivity when it comes to my cross stitch projects. I admire people who work on one at a time until it is finished. But I am part of the crowd who works on one project until they get bored and then switches to another. I see people get a lot of finishes this way. It just doesn’t work that way for me.

So last night when I was working on My PS Village Square I started thinking about my beautiful Queen of the Needle that has been sitting around for months.

I miss my baby girl! Look at how she is all wrinkled up. I abandoned her for Baby Garden which hit the skids with the double wammy of new job exhaustion and two month premature grandbaby. I saw BG when digging for my Queen and just shook my head. What to do? Maybe I’ll have it done by the time Tweeters starts school.

Question: Stitching friends who use Q snaps: do you use the same ones for all your projects and switch back and forth? Or do you buy several sets for various WIP’s? I hate to keep taking them out of linen although Aida would be no big deal.

Maybe I’ll do a bit more of my PS but then I’m Switching to my Queen. I am working on this lace part and can’t wait to get it finished.

It looks lovely and will also be a milestone. I will have the piece half done! Yea!


2 Responses

  1. Thank you for your kind comment you left on my blog, I appreciate it.

    Your stitching is looking fantastic. I know that I have trouble sticking to projects as well, although I saw a really great rotation method. Stitch on a project for 10 hours and then move on to another project. When I get a hance to stitch again I will certainly give this method a go.

    I only have a limited number of Q-Snaps, so I rotate them between projects as I remove them from the stitching at the end of the night. They tend to leave marks on the stitching and can cause fading issues with some hand-dyed fabrics.

    • I just switched mine to another project and probably just in time. There were marks forming. I like that rotation method you described. I generally work on mine for a week before I start getting bored with it but I estimate that is around ten hours. I guess it will be a while before you have a moment to stitch. I am so happy for you. Give the baby a kiss for me and enjoy him! Try to get enough sleep as well!

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