What I Read While Stressed Out

Ok, so I’ve been under an inordinate amount of stress lately. What’s so new about that? I took the drug test for the nursing program today and tomorrow I go to sign enrollment forms and my life away. So at least I only have one day to worry about my pee vial getting switched with some druggy and ruining my life. Yeah, I admit some of my stress is self-induced and highly unlikely to occur but hey, that’s just my way.

During this process my choice of reading has been slightly off kilter. American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis was first for no particular reason. If you ever saw this movie and thought it was too violent than do not read this book. I have never read anything like it for violence and the torture and inhumane treatment of others is truly sickening. If you can’t get past that, then there is no story and there most definitely is one. Many people call it being inside of the mind of a serial killer. But is it really?

Most of the book details the life of a young, handsome, physically fit, rich young man who works for a powerful Wall Street firm. His life is enviable for many; he buys the best of everything, parties, dines at trendy restaurants.  But inside he is narcissistic, an envious and contemptuous empty shell. How he destroys others is detailed in graphic ways that I will not elaborate on. Most reviewers have used this story as a metaphor for the emptiness of the 80’s, wealthy people get away with everything, blah, blah blah, bad yuppies.

And I have to admit that at the beginning I fell into this line of reasoning too. But during the last third of the story several details come to light including one major revelation that turns the whole thing sideways. My opinion for whatever it’s worth? I don’t think he did any of those murders. It was all in his head. Go ahead and read it, if you dare that is, and really focus on things that are happening and you just might agree with me. Oh and by the way, when taking a break from killing sprees, he is pretty hilarious.

The second book I read was Fight Club. Remember that movie? It was on a couple of weeks ago and I watched part of it after work one night. Edited for TV of course. That, plus those dang commercials ruined it.  But the first time I saw it years ago I loved it and was honestly surprised at the big reveal.  Fight Club is one of the few movies that is actually as good as the book. And it’s a great read.

Fight Club is yet another book that is used as soap box social commentary which for me is oh, so tiresome. If I have to hear another long-winded, America is going to Hell sermon that starts with the words “today’s youth” I may start my own fight club.

Not that I can imagine wanting someone to punch me. Or me wanting to punch someone else for that matter. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

I think I’ve had it for senseless violence for now. It was a weird break from normal and I’m ready to get back to my usual crime dramas and murder mysteries, where people are murdered in much more civilized ways.  Scratch that. Maybe it’s time to pick up a nice cross stitch project.



2 Responses

  1. both awesome novels made into pretty good movies

  2. I liked the Fight Club movie quite a lot — good to hear the book is as good

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