New Cross Stitch Patterns


I finally broke down and bought some new patterns this week. My 1-2-3 wish list is groaning and all weighted down with all my faves, so I felt like I had to trim it down. My camera is going south and I can’t get it to take pictures without alot of monkey work, so I instead of taking one shot with all of them, I took three.

Up at the top are two from Shepherd’s Bush; Sail and Love. I just love these little guys because they are quick to do and so cute. I thought the Sail one would look sweet in the summertime, maybe sitting next to a bowl of seashells. I can’t wait for summer!



Spring Arbor is my first pattern from The Drawn Thread……I think. I wish the picture was larger because it is so beautiful. They also have Summer, Fall, and Winter. All of them are very pretty. They would make a nice collage on the wall. Little House Needleworks is one of my favorite designers. This is a Christmas pattern, new this year. It’s called Main Street Station and I love the train in it.


The Prairie Schooler is an old friend. Jim saw these while I was checking things out and wanted me to get them right away. He loves them! They are much smaller than I anticipated which is a very good thing. I want quick finishes. I thought they would look better stitched on lavender or purple fabric.  Joann’s doesn’t have that color so I may be ordering that.

I wanted to do some gardening today but the weather has been very fickle. Instead, I may spend the afternoon organizing charts and looking in my boxes for fabric. fun times!


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  1. Have fun with these! I’m busy packing for my apartment move which will happen in 10 days. HURRAH!

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