Started on “Sail” and Stranger Danger


Just a quick post to show my progress on a new project called Sail, by Shepherd’s Bush. I love these little , uh, how shall I say, four letter word themes they have created. I also have Love and Home in my future project pile. I stitched Bulb a couple of years ago.


I finished “A” with the beach ball and started on the sand castle “I”. I want to group it on my buffet with a bunch of other summer related items like a couple of pics of my kids at the beach and a bowl of shells. I also picked up a cute little box with a seashore theme down at JoAnn’s. It was 50% off which made it $5.00. This is my price range these days.

Now some scary news. Here in the Eugene/Springfield area we have had two attempted kidnappings in the last two days. It was totally random kids and the first time the guy opened the door to a private home, came in, and tried to grab the little girl. The mom fought him off and he ran away. The second just happened in Springfield near Thurston where a man was trying to get a five-year old into his car by asking her to help him deliver the mail. Scary stuff!

I just talked to my daughter on the phone, she is at school right now, so she is going to call her fiance to have him keep little Tweeters inside until they catch this psycho.

Teach your children and grandchildren about stranger danger, please!


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