Sunday Salon – The Great Gatsby and TWO Finished Books!


This weekend my husband and I went to see The Great Gatsby. It was terrific. Leo DiCaprio was amazing as usual, and the characters, like the book, were very nuanced. One-dimensional characters drive me up the wall. Here each one elicits both sympathy and disgust at different points, which made for an interesting show. The costumes, especially the women’s dresses and headpieces, were gorgeous! And the parties! I have to say, their portrayal of excess was just marvelous.

The actual movie-going experience was interesting. We had originally planned to go on Friday night but when we got there we found out that only the 3D version was playing. What the what? I thought they were just for action and children’s films. Little do I know. So we came back Saturday for the matinee.

So we got there and I decided snacks were needed. I got one popcorn, one diet coke, and one box of peanut M&Ms all for the low, low price of $15.00. Soooooo, next time no snacks. After the movie we were walking out and a group of about eight high school girls in front of us were discussing the movie as compared to the book. I really loved that;  it’s so good to hear young people chatting like this. The couple in back of us were talking too, so the movie really inspired some discussion.


It’s been a great week for reading actual books. I finally finished Clara and Mr. Tiffany and would definitely recommend it. It is loosely based on a true story and was very poignant in some places. Women could not join the union and when their department took on an impossible task and completed it, the jealously of the men’s department was palpable. They almost shut them down. Thank goodness for the laws we have now.


I also read The Night Watch by Sarah Waters. It takes place in London just after WWII and chronicles the lives of three women and one man. The story goes back in time, rather than forward and their secrets are slowly uncovered. It was a very well written story though I don’t think any of hers will surpass Fingersmith. I don’t think writing a real review is possible at this time, though it certainly deserves one. I have a paper on mental disorders to write so I’m just happy to read a good book that quickly. 

I’m looking through my TBR shelf but haven’t settled on my next read. I’m feeling exotic right now so it’s down to Empress Orchid by Anchee Min or Nefertiti by Michelle Moran.


4 Responses

  1. Ahhh you beat me to The Great Gatsby. Glad you liked it — makes more determined to go. I’m rereading the book now so as to compare it myself. Also have read The Night Watch but perhaps Fingersmith is one I need to get my hands on. thx for the tip.

  2. I adore books that are made into movies….and the movie I saw this week was a great book….Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Bunny — I finally got to The Great Gatsby film and liked it! It’s good fun. Here’s what I wrote on it at: . Cheers.

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