Sail Finished and a New Start


I finished “Sail” a few days ago and framed it myself. Wow, have you priced professional frame jobs lately? They must be out of their minds! I love my projects and want them to look good framed, but sheesh!

It was a nice feeling to get something done. I love these small projects that can be finished in a relatively short period of time. I wasn’t even working on it every day or even every other day.


So of course I am choosing a bigger project to do next. After going through my big binder of patterns, I decided on an old Prairie Schooler.  It is so old that it doesn’t even show up in the archives on the official Prairie Schooler website. I did the one on the far left back in 1995!. This time I’ll be stitching the one on the right. I love them all though, and who knows, maybe someday I’ll get around to stitching that last one with the birdhouse.

I have gathered all my supplies. Pics to follow once the actual stitching starts.


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  1. Just started to read your blog again. You helped me work on the birth announcement by Just Nan. I finished that project for Eli and now he is a two year old nature nut. He loves turtles and birds…Dan thinks it is because each time he gets Eli ready for bed they talk about the animals in the frame. I have had a tough spring into summer. I found out I had breast cancer and four days before my second surgery my mother’s assisted living facility burnt to the ground..She was safely visiting me at the time…My sister has been an angel and has taken care of Mom for the past three weeks. Now Mom has found a new home near my sister and I can concentrate on getting better….which allows me time to go back and see how you are doing..So proud that you are well into your studies…You’ll be a great nurse! and you have another grand baby ! Wonderful! Know that your blog lifts my spirits and helps me select books..I am reading Anne Lamott’s little book Help, Thanks, Wow! So right for the times I am in presently. Take care, Jan

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