Sunday Salon – A Brand New Education

It took a while for me to decide whether or not to do the RN/BSN program. Weighing pros and cons, what have you. Besides the cost, which is considerable, I got some very bad news. First, I went to a private school for my nursing program and none of my credits transfer. It is a complete redo. Another problem is general ed. Most of the classes stay good for 30 years but guess what? I went to San Jose State OVER 30 years ago! I’m old!

When I saw the list of general ed and nursing prerequisites I had to take I almost backed out. Almost. Then I decided to be brave. This is a challenge, no doubt. Should I stand strong, or give up and run away?

I decided to accept the challenge and do one better. Adjust my attitude. Look at it this way. I get to redo everything I did way back when I was a kid, not married, no children, and no significant life experiences to speak of. Of course I thought I knew everything, which is laughable now.  So I am curious. What will that same education be to a grown woman who has lived life, raised children, and has had much more experience?

Turns out, pretty interesting. Yes I started out with Anatomy and Physiology. That is where I live now. But I have a couple of Literature/Composition classes and thought it might be good to get some old familiars out of the way.

English Literature was my major way back when I wanted to be librarian. So I got my binder and Literature book for the first class and leafed through the index. Wow, there is some good stuff here! Ok, we have to read Ibsen. I guess there is just no getting away from Ibsen when studying literature. He’s like the insufferable uncle that you always have to invite to family functions.  There is also not as much Shakespeare as I would like, but to me, there can never be too much Shakespeare.

But the selection of short stories I have read so far are terrific! I just finished Flannery O’Connor’s A Good Man is Hard to Find. So scary. I also read The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien.

I don’t know what it is, but I just seem to get it now. The nuances, the subtle language, the flow of the writing. I love it!

I figure, get the most out of the non-nursing/science classes. Expanding your mind in any way is good, right?

Bring it!

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