Everything is Coming Alive!

Coming alive

After a couple of gray, rainy days, the sun is finally out and it is going to be in the 90’s this weekend! You can tell that summer is around the corner; the flowers are blooming like crazy and our tomatoes are doing great!

We live in a townhouse so we do container gardening. Very different from when we were first married and had a large plot with rows of veggies. But life changes, and we are both very happy where we are. You can surround yourself with flowers and grow veggies anywhere.

Here is our hanging flower basket outside our front door. It was much smaller when we got it, now you can’t even see the pot!

flower basket

I love my pansies. They reseed like crazy and have come up at the sides of our front walk. Very charming. They do better in the cooler spring weather, and now are starting to wind down for the season. I had to get a picture of some of them before their yearly summer demise.


We got three tomato plants this year including a Roma, Brandywine, and an Early Girl. We always get an Early Girl, they are just so reliable, even if they do not produce the largest tomatoes. The one we got was just a little runt, now look at it. I am a proud mama! Behind it is a geranium, another one of my favorites.

early girl and geranium

And my husband just spotted our first tomato….on our little Early Girl!

first baby tomatoI will be taking more pictures of my container garden as the season progresses. I’m very excited to have fresh, homegrown tomatoes again.

Happy gardening!

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