Progress on the Dragon and a Walk With My Grandson

me and zach on the riverIt’s been work, work, work lately, (ok, I had a three-day weekend) but it was nice to spend some quality time with my daughter and grandson, Zach. On Monday Elizabeth and I had our cross stitch day. She did most of the cross stitch. I just could not concentrate for anything. I have to be relaxed to really focus on my work, and it was just not happening. You cross stitchers out there might know what I mean.

But Elizabeth is now on the dragon home stretch. I helped her do some of the beadwork on the moon.

dragon moonI still had a great time. Elizabeth brought over some fixings for taco salad, and I made homemade granola bars for a healthy dessert. Both dishes were delicious! I offered to take Zach for a few hours today, so she dropped him off at work. The old ladies there just love him, and he is quite the little charmer. He has been visiting there ever since he was a baby and loves to work the room.  It’s very touching at how their faces light up at the sight of a child. Even those with dementia seem to wake up a bit to smile and reach out to hold his hand or pat his head..

After we went home, my husband arrived soon after, and we decided to take a walk along the river.  It’s right by our home.  It turned out to be a lovely afternoon.

I love this picture of my husband and Zach looking out towards the river.

gpa and zachZach is quite the talker. He always has something to say and needs my attention, even during picture taking time.

zach and I on the riverI can’t remember what it was about,  but I’m certain it was of utmost importance. We went by the Delta Ponds and he oohed and aahed over the ducks and the geese. There were goslings and ducklings as well, so he got quite a show! It turned out to be a really nice impromptu day.

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