Latest Cross Stitch Day

Liz cross stitch My daughter Elizabeth and I have a monthly date to spend the afternoon together, have lunch, and do cross stitch. She is working on a dragon, with some intricate and really lovely beadwork. I am doing Grandmother’s House, by Told in a Garden. You can see the mess it makes when two stitchers bring all their stuff together in the same place. Here is a pic of her dragon. dragon This picture does not do it justice. She was just finishing the face and head, and getting more beadwork in. Here is the face. dragon head I had a good time too. Elizabeth is turning out some really artistic projects while I am stuck doing pretty much standard cross stitch. Still, it is very time-consuming.  Here is my project. grandma house At least I am at the bottom half finally! This is what I managed to finish today. quilt done When the kids were small, I did cross stitch all the time. It is compact, and once you get the supplies, very cost-effective, because it takes so long to do one project, and then you have floss colors left over for another project. Over time, floss stash builds up. I’m so glad that Elizabeth loves to do cross stitch. It is such a bonding/friendship time with my grown daughter. Cross stitch Here with my Maltese Poods, I’m a very happy lady!


Sail Finished and a New Start


I finished “Sail” a few days ago and framed it myself. Wow, have you priced professional frame jobs lately? They must be out of their minds! I love my projects and want them to look good framed, but sheesh!

It was a nice feeling to get something done. I love these small projects that can be finished in a relatively short period of time. I wasn’t even working on it every day or even every other day.


So of course I am choosing a bigger project to do next. After going through my big binder of patterns, I decided on an old Prairie Schooler.  It is so old that it doesn’t even show up in the archives on the official Prairie Schooler website. I did the one on the far left back in 1995!. This time I’ll be stitching the one on the right. I love them all though, and who knows, maybe someday I’ll get around to stitching that last one with the birdhouse.

I have gathered all my supplies. Pics to follow once the actual stitching starts.

Almost Finished With Sail and Happy Birthday Ada!


I’m in the middle of a four day weekend and having a blast. We are trying not to spend a lot of money these days so I’ve been watching movies and doing cross stitch. We did go to see Star Trek. Meh.  It paled in comparison to The Great Gatsby.  And another important milestone was achieved…my granddaughter Ada turned 1 year old on Friday!


Unfortunately they live in Arizona and we were unable to visit this time. Someday I will have a life again. Here is my daughter having a swim with Ada. I asked if she needed a suit but Melissa assured me it was unnecessary. Personally, I think she is afraid I would buy her something weird. Where’s the trust?


Here’s a cute picture with Daddy. Love the tulle skirt! You know it’s funny. When Tweeters was this age he was so happy and laughing all the time  until a camera pointed his way and suddenly he would get the deadpan look. I think this must run in the family. No worries though. I am sure they will start hamming it up for the cameras soon.

Fixing the Kid’s Car and Elizabeth’s Cross Stitch


It was a busy weekend. We went over to George and Elizabeth’s house so Jim could help remove the brake rotors to get them turned, get new brake pads, and then put everything back together.  Sounds simple, right? Ha! And by help I mean Jim did the work, George “supervised”, and Elizabeth and I took Zach to the park and then went to Burger King to get lunch for everyone.


Here are George and me, hovering at the front of the garage. George put up a new screen door and I stayed out of the way by mostly sitting in the shade with Elizabeth where we chatted and watched Zach play. Jim hit a snag after they picked up the rotors so we went home and came back Sunday morning to finish it. It was done very quickly. I have to say my husband is so awesome at stuff like this. He can put together and fix anything! He saved the kids over $500.00 bucks by doing the work himself. That’s some real money!



I didn’t get any pictures of Zach on Saturday and Sunday he was off visiting his Dad before we got there. I’ll get some at our Mother’s Day BBQ. But I wanted to get a picture of a project Elizabeth is working on. She has done some beautiful work over the years but with school and a toddler, just can’t find the time for it. See how close to being finished she is?


Gorgeous, isn’t it? Once she gets going on her projects, there’s no stopping her.  She attacks it with a single-minded determination I can only dream of.


Here’s the finished car, minus the hubcaps, about to be taken on a test drive. Everything worked perfectly and we left around noon. It was tiring but very satisfying.


Pansies and Aprons


It’s been a busy week of studying for finals and getting used to the new schedule around here. I have a ways to get my homemaking skills back in line. It really makes me appreciate all my husband has done for the last couple of years.  I would have been lost without him!

I did get some planting done. That is, for the pots on my back patio. I got a lovely hydrangea plant as well as my standard pansies, (violas?), geranium, and some others. It’s a start at least.


I still need a few hanging baskets for both front and back, maybe this weekend. Oh yes, we need a new coffeemaker. This one is toast and that’s pretty much the way the coffee tastes too.


I got a little bit more done on Aprons. There is more to do in the ties but once I finish that and the white fringe at the bottom, finally I can move on to the next one! There are three in all.

New Cross Stitch Patterns


I finally broke down and bought some new patterns this week. My 1-2-3 wish list is groaning and all weighted down with all my faves, so I felt like I had to trim it down. My camera is going south and I can’t get it to take pictures without alot of monkey work, so I instead of taking one shot with all of them, I took three.

Up at the top are two from Shepherd’s Bush; Sail and Love. I just love these little guys because they are quick to do and so cute. I thought the Sail one would look sweet in the summertime, maybe sitting next to a bowl of seashells. I can’t wait for summer!



Spring Arbor is my first pattern from The Drawn Thread……I think. I wish the picture was larger because it is so beautiful. They also have Summer, Fall, and Winter. All of them are very pretty. They would make a nice collage on the wall. Little House Needleworks is one of my favorite designers. This is a Christmas pattern, new this year. It’s called Main Street Station and I love the train in it.


The Prairie Schooler is an old friend. Jim saw these while I was checking things out and wanted me to get them right away. He loves them! They are much smaller than I anticipated which is a very good thing. I want quick finishes. I thought they would look better stitched on lavender or purple fabric.  Joann’s doesn’t have that color so I may be ordering that.

I wanted to do some gardening today but the weather has been very fickle. Instead, I may spend the afternoon organizing charts and looking in my boxes for fabric. fun times!

Queen of the Needle UFO


I was rooting through some old projects and came across my lovely and still unfinished Queen of the Needle. I’ve spent many hours with this and was sad to find it all wadded up and wrinkled.  I thought, why not put it in a frame and do a few stitches?

The linen was very soft and not easy to work with at first. I had to really pay attention but it was such fun to do some stitching. Here is my work for today.



I know it’s not much but it made me realize that once that lace on top is done, there is just the bottom half to do!  I decided to keep it out and put some time in here and there. Better to inch along at a slow pace than give up altogether.