I’m Going to Try Camping!

me and Jim

I have to admit, I love my comfort. A soft bed, heat and air conditioning, the absence of critters. I still can’t believe that I am the one that brought up camping!

Background: I work in a stressful job. I love being a nurse, and the added responsibilities of clinical care manager stretch my critical thinking skills, and allows me to bring high standards of care to my residents. But it takes its toll. Vacation is one of those things that have gone by the wayside.

But we need it. I was checking out some cabin vacation rentals, and wow are they expensive! I don’t want to spend over 1000.00 for 4 days! And getting a travel trailer is another huge expense.

Finally I just said to Jim, “Screw it, let’s just get a tent and go camping.” He turned to me so fast, I though his head would swivel off his head. “You mean it? You would go camping?”  Sure. Why not? Uh, can I back out of this?

Jim started listing things we need, and looked up tents on the internet. That night and all day yesterday, we were running around to different stores, checking stuff out, comparing prices, and the like. And yes, he started an excel spreadsheet for what we need to buy at what store!

I have to say, Jim is totally concerned about me being comfortable. It kind of makes me feel bad, but I had no idea how much he wanted to camp.  He found a very nice tent, then found it cheaper on Amazon, and lots of little goodies that will make a camping trip a pleasant experience for both of us. I’m actually kind of excited.


In other news, Zach made me a necklace. Or should I say, He found a green bead, wanted to make me a necklace, Elizabeth did the actual beadwork, but Zach supervised production. Either way I love it! Here’s a picture of us on the way to church.



Almost Finished With Sail and Happy Birthday Ada!


I’m in the middle of a four day weekend and having a blast. We are trying not to spend a lot of money these days so I’ve been watching movies and doing cross stitch. We did go to see Star Trek. Meh.  It paled in comparison to The Great Gatsby.  And another important milestone was achieved…my granddaughter Ada turned 1 year old on Friday!


Unfortunately they live in Arizona and we were unable to visit this time. Someday I will have a life again. Here is my daughter having a swim with Ada. I asked if she needed a suit but Melissa assured me it was unnecessary. Personally, I think she is afraid I would buy her something weird. Where’s the trust?


Here’s a cute picture with Daddy. Love the tulle skirt! You know it’s funny. When Tweeters was this age he was so happy and laughing all the time  until a camera pointed his way and suddenly he would get the deadpan look. I think this must run in the family. No worries though. I am sure they will start hamming it up for the cameras soon.

Fixing the Kid’s Car and Elizabeth’s Cross Stitch


It was a busy weekend. We went over to George and Elizabeth’s house so Jim could help remove the brake rotors to get them turned, get new brake pads, and then put everything back together.  Sounds simple, right? Ha! And by help I mean Jim did the work, George “supervised”, and Elizabeth and I took Zach to the park and then went to Burger King to get lunch for everyone.


Here are George and me, hovering at the front of the garage. George put up a new screen door and I stayed out of the way by mostly sitting in the shade with Elizabeth where we chatted and watched Zach play. Jim hit a snag after they picked up the rotors so we went home and came back Sunday morning to finish it. It was done very quickly. I have to say my husband is so awesome at stuff like this. He can put together and fix anything! He saved the kids over $500.00 bucks by doing the work himself. That’s some real money!



I didn’t get any pictures of Zach on Saturday and Sunday he was off visiting his Dad before we got there. I’ll get some at our Mother’s Day BBQ. But I wanted to get a picture of a project Elizabeth is working on. She has done some beautiful work over the years but with school and a toddler, just can’t find the time for it. See how close to being finished she is?


Gorgeous, isn’t it? Once she gets going on her projects, there’s no stopping her.  She attacks it with a single-minded determination I can only dream of.


Here’s the finished car, minus the hubcaps, about to be taken on a test drive. Everything worked perfectly and we left around noon. It was tiring but very satisfying.


Aprons Updates

It’s been hard to find some time to just relax around here and do some cross stitch. I’ve managed to grab an hour here and an hour there but that is about all. And we cross stitch ladies know you can’t stitch all that much in an hour! But yesterday I finally sat down, watched an old Doris Day movie on TCM and went at my Cross Eyed Cricket pattern called Aprons.  I want more afternoons like that!

 Jim has had a little time for himself as well. Up here in Eugene we have had one of the coldest wettest springs on record. Not fun! But will my husband let it stop his bbqing? No way.  So what if it is a little overcast! Fire up the grill and throw on some chicken!

And it was delicious!

Things That Didn’t Survive the Move

I had high hopes. I admit it. Actually it never occurred to me that anything would go wrong with our stuff. It was right there with us, right? Of course we are not professional packers. We found that out. Oh yes, we found that out. We have taken stock and categorized our findings.

In Memoriam:

Piano, sewing machine, kitchen table, every single bookcase, patio furniture, Bailey’s Irish Creme (seriously, what the what?) various clothes and linens (MIA), terra-cotta pots, HP printer,  Geoff’s bed, a picture, kayak, bbq grill, treadmill, our sanity

Damaged but not Destroyed:

Dresser, bed frame, dining room table, several chipped plates, glass shattered in end table, shade for standing lamp,

Shocking Tales of Survival:

Large glass curio cabinet, antique secretary, flat screen TV, poorly packed china, Jim’s guitars

I’m going to miss that piano.

A Day at the Coast

Now that we have finished unpacking, registering the car, getting our licenses, etc., we decided to do some exploring. Yesterday we took a drive out to the Florence on the coast. What a beautiful drive! Tree covered mountains, valleys with cute little farmhouses, and orchards.  There was one place we need to stop at the next time we go through. It was a stand selling produce and honey from their own little farm.

So we drove by a large river for miles and miles. We were spellbound at seeing water this time of year;  you don’t see too much of that in California.  We got to Florence and turned out at a sign that said beach but was actually an inlet. It was very beautiful and we climbed around for a while.

There were some very interesting rock formations in the big piles near the water.

Then we walked along the inlet beach where I took this photo of Jim and made our way to the real beach. Wow, they are vast! We walked on sand with driftwood everywhere hearing the sound of ocean but not seeing it. Finally we went over a hill and saw this.

The beach went on forever to get to the water!  And the tide mark was very far up. I am wondering if the tides here are a bit different.  They certainly seem to cover a lot more ground. That will be my next research project. We had a wonderful day!

Happy Father’s Day!

To my wonderful father, loving husband, and all the other men who are such great Dads!  I hope you all had a fun day! We spent the day down in Los Banos with my parents, my brother Dave, and his girlfriend Misty. My mom is not at 100% yet and is tired of feeling tired. I don’t have heart disease but in that regard, I know how she feels. She was in the hospital for 5 days for chest pains and had an angiogram. Blockage was minimal and she is glad to finally be home.

We went to lunch at a local Italian place and had fun catching up with Dave and Misty. Now we are back at home and looking forward to getting our new fridge delivered tomorrow morning. Our old one died this weekend.

I have been reading lots and will be doing some reviews later in the week. Here are some saint biographies I am hoping to get to in the next few days.

   I found a used copy of Vita Sackville-West’s biography on St Joan of Arc on Amazon. It was first published in 1936 and seems to be a well-respected work on the subject. Considering her short life, it is a pretty hefty tome. The Story of a Soul is the autobiography of Saint Terese of Lisieux. I am very excited to finally get to it. I read The Story of a Family earlier in the year and was very impressed. 

Other than that I am very behind on reviewing and hope to catch up soon. My cross stitch has had to wait as well. Now that my mom seems to be doing ok, hopefully things will get back to normal soon and I will have more time to myself.

Elizabeth Got an A on Her CNA Written Final!

My daughter Elizabeth got an A on her final!!  The teacher hugged her and wrote her name on the board with her grade and a smily face. Elizabeth is applying for a night shift over at the nursing home and it looks like she may get it! She said there are two shifts available”  an evening  (3-11pm) and a noc(?) shift 10pm to 6am. I told her either is fine but I would rather she be coming home at 6am then 11pm. The crazies are sleeping it off by then. Also it pays better. But either way I’m so happy for her.

Physically, Elizabeth is very strong, not at all squeamish, and if I may say so, a little bossy. In other words, she will make a great nurse!!!