Latest Cross Stitch Day

Liz cross stitch My daughter Elizabeth and I have a monthly date to spend the afternoon together, have lunch, and do cross stitch. She is working on a dragon, with some intricate and really lovely beadwork. I am doing Grandmother’s House, by Told in a Garden. You can see the mess it makes when two stitchers bring all their stuff together in the same place. Here is a pic of her dragon. dragon This picture does not do it justice. She was just finishing the face and head, and getting more beadwork in. Here is the face. dragon head I had a good time too. Elizabeth is turning out some really artistic projects while I am stuck doing pretty much standard cross stitch. Still, it is very time-consuming.  Here is my project. grandma house At least I am at the bottom half finally! This is what I managed to finish today. quilt done When the kids were small, I did cross stitch all the time. It is compact, and once you get the supplies, very cost-effective, because it takes so long to do one project, and then you have floss colors left over for another project. Over time, floss stash builds up. I’m so glad that Elizabeth loves to do cross stitch. It is such a bonding/friendship time with my grown daughter. Cross stitch Here with my Maltese Poods, I’m a very happy lady!

July TUSAL and Grandmother’s House

It’s time for Daffycat’s end of July chapter of the 2011 TUSAL (Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long) where we photograph our ORT’s (Old Ratty Threads) that we have used in our cross stitch projects throughout the year. It’s a very pretty way to show the hours and hours of work that has gone into our stitching.

Here’s the top view.

I decided to do some work on a very old WIP called Grandmother’s House by Told in a Garden. It’s very colorful and fun to work on but the general “bigness” of it has made it hard to reach the finish line. It was in pretty good condition when I pulled it out a few days ago.

I thought I’d work on those steps just below where Grandma is sitting. Here is what was accomplished.

For some reason, those steps intimidated me but they turned out to be no big deal. I may work on this one for a while longer. Tweeters is over this weekend so work may be sporadic. But next week is another week.

Happy Stitching everyone!

Catalog of WIP’s – Phew!

While going through my craft boxes, I found some old, and I mean really old WIP’s (works in progress).  This stack of boxes sits right next to our tv on purpose,as a reminder to work on them. Instead they just blend into the background and there they sit.  On top of the boxes is my chart binder. I cleaned it out and put my finished charts in another binder. It looks a little better. Maybe I can use them for giveaways.

I want to take pictures now at the beginning of the year because sometimes I don’t track progress along the way. I’m trying to get better about that! So here goes.

Queen of the Needle by Just Nan. I love this one. My daughter Elizabeth says it’s too pink but I don’t care. If no other WIP gets finished this year, I want this one done, nicely framed, and hanging on my wall.

Grandmothers House by Told in a Garden. I have been toying with this one for years. But I have a special reason to finish it now!

Old McMary’s by The Workbasket. I was stitching this with a blogging friend a couple years ago. It requires special floss and I tried to substitute with DMC and ended up not happy with the project. I will stay with this DMC color for the barn and will order the rest. It’s pricey so maybe I’ll wait until my birthday.

Ice Angel by Lavender and Lace. This is one of their breathtakingly gorgeous patterns of angels that are so difficult to do. See it has it’s own box? This is by far the hardest one on my list.  One of the reasons I quit it was that the frame I was using was wood. Very frustrating! The Q-snaps will come in handy on this one!

Quilt Show by Linda Meyers. I completely forgot about this one and did a double take when I pulled it out of the bottom of a box. This is pretty but huge. After finding it, I may add it to the list to work on this year.

Village Green by Prairie Schooler. Another forgotton project and so close to being finished. My list is growing!

Bird Bath by Bucilla. This one has a story behind it. Several years ago we had a house fire and had to move out for seven months. The insurance company rented us a beautiful house in the Morgan Hill countryside. It was a family home of the Pacheco’s, as in Pacheco Pass to my California friends. All summer we watched the birds playing in the ancient birdbath and it inspired me to get this kit. After we moved back, I just put it away. It brings back such good memories, which is odd considering the fire and all.

Stitcher’s Studio Stocking by Better Homes and Gardens. I should just admit defeat, throw this away, and start over. This was started while I was still afraid of linen.  Aida simply will not work. There are alot of quarter-stitches and the fabric is too stiff. I have several of these beautiful stocking charts and unless I let this go, I will never get any of them done.

This is my oldest WIP. My daughter Melissa was a huge Tigger fan and I had the best of intentions. Maybe I will finish it in time to give it to her first child. I’m not rushing! I just have the Grandma bug!

These will keep me busy for quite a while!