July TUSAL and Grandmother’s House

It’s time for Daffycat’s end of July chapter of the 2011 TUSAL (Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long) where we photograph our ORT’s (Old Ratty Threads) that we have used in our cross stitch projects throughout the year. It’s a very pretty way to show the hours and hours of work that has gone into our stitching.

Here’s the top view.

I decided to do some work on a very old WIP called Grandmother’s House by Told in a Garden. It’s very colorful and fun to work on but the general “bigness” of it has made it hard to reach the finish line. It was in pretty good condition when I pulled it out a few days ago.

I thought I’d work on those steps just below where Grandma is sitting. Here is what was accomplished.

For some reason, those steps intimidated me but they turned out to be no big deal. I may work on this one for a while longer. Tweeters is over this weekend so work may be sporadic. But next week is another week.

Happy Stitching everyone!

Back to Normal and TUSAL

The tree is finally down and my stitching/reading area is back in place. I love Christmas but normal is good too. This is my stitching area. There are a few finishes for inspiration and a cross stitch clock to keep track of time. I have my scissors, a couple of homemade pincushions, a little bowl for floss bobbins, and my ORT jar. It is mostly empty because I start fresh at the beginning of the year.

   This is side and birds eye view. These pictures are first in a monthly TUSAL (totally useless stitch-a-long) held by Daffycat. We put our old ratty threads (ORTs) from cross stitching in a jar and see how many we have as time goes on.  On the other side, same chair, is where I read.

Actually my books are in the bookshelf in front of me. Most of them are still packed away in the garage in boxes. The house doesn’t have that library feel that we love so much but we make do!