Cross Stitch Finishes

The Village Square by Prairie Scooler finished 9-2011

Gingerbread Cottage / Finished 1-1-11


Winter in the Square by Just Nan
Spring in the Square by Just Nan

Four in the "be" series by Sheperds BushHoly Family by Prairie Schooler

I did this for a cross stitch card exchange for March 2010. This one went to Lynda Pace in the UK,


4 Responses

  1. Hey there Bunny,
    I wrote to you about a year ago in regard to the Just Nan Baby Garden cross stitch project. Finally I finished Eli’s gift. (He was born in July!) And I am retired! Anyway, usually I have my needlework framed under glass. But this project has the little bunny bead which I have never used before… Jan

    • That’s wonderful! Congratulations on the birth of Eli and your retirement! I know you will enjoy both! I haven’t finished mine yet. Zach was born two months premature and we were up to our eyeballs in hospital vists, appointments, and then helping with baby care after he came home. He is doing great now. But you have inspired me to pick it up again. Maybe it will be done by the time he starts school!

    • Do you think I should pass on protecting this work with glass? Your framed work looks great…so much of the appeal of this sampler is the texture…but I’d like to preserve it…any suggestions?

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