Sunday Salon – Some New Reads and Dinner at the Aquarium

This has been one of those stressful, too busy weeks. I haven’t done any cross stitch but I did manage to finish a book, The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo and review  it. The rest of the time has been taken up in homework, including a huge presentation for Botany, and taking care of my rising blood pressure.  It ended very well however, and I’ll talk about that soon.

I started reading The Girl Who Played With Fire and am enjoying it. Steig Larsson is an interesting person who unfortuantely passed away before his books were even published. He was a science fiction fan and an expert on racist organizations, primarily those regarding Nazism. He was very outspoken on the subject. 

Larsson’s books, though violent, are concerned with the vulnerability of abused women, primarily those who are marginalized by mental limitations like his heroine Lisbeth, or by political or social structures.  It is interesting how he likes to put his victimized women characters in positions of power. He is clearly concerned for women’s rights and protection under the law for all.

I am also joining in this month with Cornflower Books  in their reading of My Cousin Rachel by Daphne Du Maurier. I read this a couple years ago and really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to hear what others think of it.

When I got my job at the Monterey Bay Aqauarium I said it was a volunteer position. But people still think it is a regular paid position so I want to set the record straight here and now.  Volunteers get workers compensation and other stuff but mainly we get paid in deep discounts, free passes, and tons of perks. Like the Volunteer Dinner and Dancing Gala this weekend.  I got an invitation my first day at work and RSVP’d immediately.

I gave my old camera to Elizabeth so for the foreseeable future, the phone is my camera. Most of the time it does fine but not indoors at night.  Please bear with me!

Here we are standing in front of the information desk where I work. It is right in the middle of the heaviest traffic area and is always busy! It was weird to see no one around it!

This was taken as we were walking across the catwalk. It is not in use during the day but we got up close and personal here.

As horrible as this picture is, it is the best one of how we dined. They put tables all around the aquarium with lots of buffet stations so we could eat while looking at the fish. We had one on the other side of the Kelp forest and watched sharks and rockfish. It was awesome!

Julie Packard is the Executive Director of the Monterey Bay Aqauarium and guest speaker for the night.  I admire her work in ocean conservation very much.

I would have rather taken this in the actual seahorse exhibit which is fabulous, but the light was better here.

I hate my hair right now. It has been in bangs, parted in the middle  forever and  now are growing out with hair parted on the side. But it’s right at that stage where they fall in my eyes so I have to clip them back. Makes my face look even fatter then it really is! So ugly and it might go on like this for another couple months!

Hopefully soon I will have my new camera and get some better shots!

Today I work on my cross stitch!