I Got My Nook Color!!

And I love it! The colors are fantastic and the magazines I downloaded just pop on the screen. Victoria magazine is glorious! Books are downloaded instantly and you can play with the format to get it just right. Best of all, when I carry that little baby around, I have ( or will have one day) an entire library of books, magazines, children’s books, anything I want to read at any given time!

Yesterday I brought it to work and started reading a short story by Elizabeth Gaskell. It was in a book called Victorian Love Stories about successful marriages. Couldn’t pass that one up! It was a free download like thousands of other books so one does need to spend too much money on getting something good to read. For free I now have Wilkie Collins’ The Woman in White  and The Moonstone, several by Elizabeth Gaskell, a couple of Elizabeth Von Armin’s, and some anthologies. I bought a few after checking out the B&N steals and deals. Then I got two at regular price but both were less than a mass market paperback. I have a nice selection right now and will add more as I go.

One of the nurses told me about this free Friday deal where B&N offers a free e-book every Friday. She says they are pretty good. I will check that out as well. This is the cover I chose to go with my Nook. It is very sturdy, love the color, and the inside pockets will be useful.

I’m not much of an app person but it came with several and I got a couple more. The scrabble app was free so that was a no brainer and the other one is called Quell:Reflect.

I don’t care to participate in the Nook verses Kindle debate. After looking at both I liked the Nook better. End of story. I am not threatened if someone prefers Kindle Fire or some other reader and promise to exist harmoniously with those whose choises differ from mine.

One aspect of e-readers that is interesting is how versatile it allows the reader to be. I like anthologies for work or just before going to bed.  The Woman in White can be my work in progress. I can take a break to flip through a magazine with gorgeous pictures. Geoff and I played Scrabble the other night. I love this thing!!