The Face by Dean Koontz

I was sick last week and needed something to read. Something entertaining. Something to keep my mind off the fact that I felt miserable. The Face was just the ticket. The story opens up with the security chief of a Hollywood star Channing Manheim (aka The Face) investigating a series of packages delivered to the star’s home. Each one is odder and more sinister than the last. A well-placed security camera offers a clue and Ethan is on his way to home of the mysterious delivery boy. What happens there is unearthly and just the beginning of the bizarre events that will pepper the story. At the same time Manheim’s lonely son gets an unexpected phone call warning him of a dire event soon to come. This paranomal crime drama has angels, demons, and one very human monster. It is fast paced, well written, and very exciting.
I really liked this book and it reminded me of some of Koontz’s older works that I enjoyed like Lightening, Midnight, and Twilight Eyes. Although they were very popular, I was rather disappointed in his Odd Thomas books and haven’t read anything by him since. But I will be looking out for more now.