Great New Reading Challenges!

And they actually overlap!  Nymeth over at Things Mean Alot  is enjoying her reading from this era and created this challenge so everyone can get in on the fun. It is supposed to be very relaxed so here are the rules:

  • Three months (April 18th – July 18th);
  • You’d only need to read a minimum of one book, though you’d of course be welcome to read more than one;
  • No need for a sign-up post or a reading list;
  • Just enter your name, read your book(s), and then come back and leave me a link to your post about what you’ve read.
  • I have many books in this category. You can find some online and I want to give a plug to Virago Press who publishes books by women from the mid-1800’s to today. They are beautiful books and I have found that shipping from the UK is quite reasonable and often faster than coming from the east coast. The 1930’s Mini Challenge is going to be fabulous!

    I will do a re-read of Jamaica Inn by Daphne Du Maurier, published in 1936. I was blown away the first time I read it. Also I’l like something by Molly Keane or  The Fountain Overflows by Rebecca West, which has been sitting on my TBR shelf for a long time.

    The Daphne Du Maurier Challenge is starting in May.  It is being hosted by Chris over at Book-a-Rama and will go on for almost a year to coincide with her birthday and day she passed away.  Jamaica Inn as well as the ever popular Rebecca will overlap this one nicely with the 30’s Challenge. I also have a copy of The House on the Strand that has been waiting patiently to be read plus a biography on Daphne Du Maurier , written by her daughter Flavia Leng.  I would really like to take a look at The Birds and Other Stories. Not everyone knows that the famous Hitchcock movie was originally her story.

    The rules are loose and cover a lot of ground:

    Dreaming of Manderley (Novels)
    Participants in this category will read 3 of Daphne du Maurier’s larger works, her novels or non-fiction. You can also count a collection of her short stories as one book.

    Don’t Look Now (Short Stories)
    Since this are smaller works, readers can choose 6 of her short stories to review.

    Inspired By… (Other works)
    This category includes works not written by du Maurier. She used books like Jane Eyre (Rebecca) and Wuthering Heights (Jamaica Inn) to inspire her own writing.

    Other writers were inspired by du Maurier:
    Mrs Dewinter by Susan Hill (Fiction)
    Daphne by Justine Picardie (Fiction)
    Daphne du Maurier: A Daughter’s Memoir by Flavia Leng (Memoir)

    Films are also encouraged.

    Dame Daphne (Combination)
    Maybe you can’t decide what to read or want to read a bit of everything. Participants in this category will read or view 3 from the categories above (2 short stories count as 1 book).

    I paraphrased a bit so go visit Chris at the link provided above for more details. If anyone from either the blogging or Facebook community wants to join in, you are more than welcome. You do not need to have a blog.  Just let Nymeth or Chris, or both know you want to join in and they will add you to their list. Have fun reading! I know I will!